Age of Lords: Dragon Slayer




It's time for heroes – are you up to the challenge?


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Age of Lords: Dragon Slayer is a multiplayer strategy game where you manage your own medieval empire by constructing buildings, training units, exploring new technologies, improving your hero's abilities, and of course, defeating enemies.

A large part of your time playing Age of Lords: Dragon Slayer is spent managing all of aspects of your city. In it you can raise all types of buildings: barns and sawmills, essential for the development of your city; as well as churches and barracks where you can train your soldiers. The city management, resource collection, and layout of the buildings all depends on you.

Another important aspect of Age of Lords: Dragon Slayer is that it's a multiplayer game. You can set up alliances with other players from all over the world ... and you'll find this to be completely necessary if you want to face the greatest dangers in the game, like the dragons.

Once you have a good army, have completed a few missions, and have enough military power, you can lead your army to war. When the time comes, you'll have to demonstrate your skill on the battle field.

Age of Lords: Dragon Slayer is a very complete online strategy game with good graphics and a huge base of players. Although it's not a very original game, it's still very entertaining.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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